Elder Law

As people age things change - sometimes the way you planned for, and sometimes not.

Your lawyer can’t stop the march of time, but we can help to set things up to protect you and your loved ones, and help to eliminate the worry.

Some of the concerns our lawyers specialising in elder law can help resolve are:

  • What happens if I lose my mental competence?
  • What happens to the wealth I have accumulated?
  • One of my children wants to take over the farm or vineyard, but I want to be fair to them all.
  • We have a ‘black sheep’ in the family who squanders money and drinks heavily.
  • I don’t trust my daughter’s partner.
  • My son’s business is high risk and the inheritance could be lost.
  • My daughter is vulnerable to exploitation, how do I keep her inheritance safe?
  • I married twice and had children. What happens to my first family? What happens to my second spouse/partner?

Many of these issues are sensitive, and private. A confidential discussion with your lawyer is a great first step to planning for the future.

Wain & Naysmith Lawyers also helps with:

  • Wills and estate administration
  • Retirement village contracts
  • Sale or purchase of  a granny-flats
  • Loans to/from children
  • Equity-release mortgages