Read the latest Fine Print. • Social media - intellectual property owner's friend or foe? • Cyber security 101 for business: Some practical tips. • A child's right to a relationship with both their parents: Input is needed from Mum and Dad. • LIM reports and property files: What is the difference? • Postscript: Leave...

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Kia ora Today we have published the Summer 2020 edition of Fineprint; attached is the PDF for your reading interest and enjoyment. Inside: • Directorships mean significant obligations: Hefty consequences for getting it wrong when company was in financial distress • Holiday houses: Rules for both owners and renters • We're buying a house together: Time for...

Fineprint Winter 2020

Kia ora Today we have published the Winter 2020 edition of Fineprint; attached is the PDF for your reading interest and enjoyment. Inside: • Emission control: What the Zero Carbon Act means for business • Editorial: Our new normal post-COVID by NZ LAW Chair, Mark Henderson • Charities in New Zealand • Privacy in an ever-evolving digital age: New...


Summer 2019


In this issue: * Emissions Trading Scheme: Implications for owners of forestry blocks * Guest editorial from the CEO of the Institute of Directors, Kirsten Patterson: People and the right information are vital for effective governance * The executor of your will: Making a good choice * The importance of good recordkeeping: Risk...

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Today we've published the Autumn 2019 edition of our newsletter, Fineprint. A PDF is attached for your reading interest and enjoyment. In this issue: * Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman: Getting help when you have difficulties with your insurer or financial services provider * Capital gains tax: Tax Working Group...


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Issue 76 Winter 2018


Issue 76 Winter 2018

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Fine Print Issue 74 Summer 2017

Issue 73 Winter 2017

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- How Private is Private When Taking Photos in a Public Place? - Rural Fires: Who is liable for the damage? - Buying Off the Plans: The advantages, pitfalls and the Kawarau Falls case. The Kawarau Falls case was heard on appeal at the Supreme Court in early April, we will let...

Issue 71 Summer 2016

Kia ora Today we've published the Summer edition of our newsletter, Fineprint - a PDF is attached for your reading interest and enjoyment. Inside are these articles: - Do all your Employees have Employment Agreements? And do they comply? - Letting your Holiday House: Make sure you know the rules - Why is there...


- Protecting the elderly: Using an enduring power of attorney - Easements: You want to do what on my land? - Ni Hao: Doing business with Chinese investors - Drinking and driving - don't do it - Postscript: Proposed business tax changes - Smoke alarms and insulation are now required for rental properties -...


Legal Health Check for Business: Getting your Personal Affairs in Order: Teenagers and Alcohol: Ensuring Sufficient Feed for Stock When Buying a Farm

Fineprint Winter 2015

- Developing an Intellectual Property Strategy: An integral part of your business strategy - Rural Fires - who is liable? - Ending Marriages of Short Duration: "I give this marriage a year" - 'Reading of the Will': Busting some of the myths regarding Wills - Postscript: Select Committee's recommendations on Health and Safety Reform...

Fineprint Issue 66 Autumn 2015

Tips for every small and medium enterprise

The Health and Safety Reform Bill

The Health and Safety Reform Bill heralds the greatest change to health and safety law in over two decades.  With the election over, we await the Select Committee Report (due any day) and the continuing passage of the Bill. If you’re in business, this article gives you a snapshot of...

Satisfying Conditions in Agreement for Sale and Purchase

The Kiwi ‘Yeah… nah… she’ll be right’ attitude might endear New Zealanders to the world, but the recent High Court case of Kerr v Lee made it clear that such an approach is not enough to satisfy conditions under an Agreement for Sale and Purchase. This article outlines the impact on...

Major Revamp of Consumer Law. Issue 63

In December last year the Consumer Law Reform Bill passed into law. The legislation incorporates the most significant developments into New Zealand consumer law in more than 20 years. This article looks at how businesses will need to comply with the changes.