Wain and Naysmith
One of Marlborough’s treasured ‘old ladies’

Parsonage Chambers is a defining feature of the Wain Naysmith law firm, being an icon of Marlborough’s architectural history, prominently located on High Street.

The old homestead was the original parsonage for the Methodist church, built in 1911 from parishioners’ donations for about 1000 pounds.

Wain & Naysmith Lawyers (then called Wain and Drylie) purchased the parsonage from the Methodist Church in 1974, refurbished it for their law offices, and has operated from there ever since.

The old galley kitchen, wash-house and fowl-house have eventually given way to modern offices, interview rooms and reception area.

2014 marked forty years since the firm purchased the old house, and the fourth major refurb in its 103-years.

The original hand-carved staircase running through the centre of the house remains untouched and the pressed metal ceilings, diagonal timber dados, stain-glass window and other historic features remain intact.

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It’s a major exercise to do-up an old house, but this old lady holds forty years of our firm’s heritage and we want to honour that

Marty Wilson Director. 2014